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Kings of Christmas (2005)

About the Film

The Kings of Christmas, introduces the men and women, the vast majority of whom are Italian-American, behind the biggest, brightest, and most over-the-top holiday decorated houses around the New York City area. At the center of it all is Lou Nasti, whose workshop provides the animatronic figures, and many other display elements for these wintertime dioramas and fantasyscapes.

It is estimated that around the city, over 100,000 people make a pilgrimage to the elaborate, flashy, and ornate Christmas displays in Dyker Heights each holiday season. These and other Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island homes draw city residents and out‑of‑state travelers alike who swarm the sidewalks and roads, clogging the residential streets as December 25th approaches.

Watch as homeowners transform their mundane side-yards and tiny lawns into dazzling displays for the holiday season.


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