Music for the Sky (2008)

About the Film

Music for the Sky (2008) is a documentary movie about a community of eccentric revivalist old-time fiddlers living in Vermont and Western Massachusetts, USA. The film revolves around the personalities of eight musicians (George Ainley, Ahmet Baycu, Jim Burns, Michael Donahue, Zac Johnson, Bob Naess Anthony Pasquarosa and John Specker) – each described in a cinematic portrait. Using a single small camera first time filmmaker Nikolai Fox captures the music and personalities of these of musicians at various informal locations like parties, barn yards and cider mills. Also featuring the supportive music of Jon Bekoff, Paula Bradley, Dan Brown, Bill Dillof, Nikolai Fox, Greg Miller, Jon Place, Alex Scala and Rose Sinclair.


For licensing, film rights and permissions, contact Nikolai Fox, the distributor, or Folkstreams.