Onondaga: The LaCrosse Stick Makers (1973)

About the Film

An Onondaga father and son make lacrosse sticks in the traditional way. Filmmaker Jack Ofield writes "Lacrosse Stick Maker features Alfie Jacques and his father, Lou Jacques. Alfie was in his early 20s when I filmed him. He is seen actually making the stick. His father is seen lacing up the leather thongs.

Jack: “The Onondaga reservation just south of Syracuse between Truxton and Sidney had regular lacrosse games. En route between Harvey Ward (shovels) and Del Smith (blacksmith), I stopped to watch a game and wondered who’d made the lacrosse sticks. Learned it was Lou Jacques and his son, Alfie, so went back and got that portrait. They became part of ‘Inheritance’ at PBS.”


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