Going, Going, Going (1990)

About the Film

Going, Going, Going presents a slice of rural America—the ins and outs of cattle auctioneering, a job done by people with a passion for livestock and a commitment to a rural way of life. Rural Oregon is the setting for this entertaining and informative look at the livestock auction arena. In it Mark Kuhn, a young farmer, enters the profession. Kuhn exhibits the skills required by auctioneers: timing, rapid speech, a good sense of humor, and acceptance in the community. He, like most local auctioneers, attends the River Basin Auction School, where they learn tongue twisters and body language to enhance their delivery. With constant practice they are ready for the auction. Because jobs are not always easy to get, the beginner usually volunteers his services at benefits to get experience for the big livestock shows. Most have other sources of income. Mark Kuhn works as a butcher to support his family while he prepares for his new profession. Master auctioneers in this film include 1987 Reserve World Livestock Auctioneering Champion Joe Paryppa. But it also shows more than the art of auctioneering. It has vintage motion-picture footage from the 1930’s and 40’s of family farms, auctions, and cowboys, and the commitment needed to survive the hardships they encounter.--adapted from Landers Film and Video Reviews, Fall 1991, p. 15.


  • Awards at the 1990 National Educational Film and Video Festival, and the Northwest Film and Video Festival and was featured on the national PBS program <i>American Pie</i>.


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