Hamburger and Dolma (2000)

About the Film

Over preparations of a sumptuous Armenian meal of stuffed vegetables (dolma), five Armenian-American women of varying ages and diverse backgrounds discuss their feelings of alienation from their ethnic community and their desire to relate to their cultural heritage on their own terms. While coring and stuffing vegetables, rolling grape and cabbage leaves, and filling flaky pastry with cheese, the women delve deeply into topics such as gender, age, race, sexuality, and ethnic politics.

The five women are all daughters or granddaughters of victims and survivors of the 1915 annihilation of 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey. As a result, their discussions are grounded in the specter of past genocide and the psychological and social effects of contemporary erasure. However, although they don't deny their pain, the women are able to examine their feelings and experiences with humor and self-irony.


  • Multicultural Film Festival


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