Schmeckfest (2000)

About the Film

Schmeckfest is a collection of vignettes filmed in the kitchens of cooks who remember milking cows on cold North Dakota mornings; at a cafe that still serves the traditional Knoepfla Soup; and at a modern Schmeckfest where, to use the literal definition of a Schmeckfest, people celebrate with a 'festival of food.'

These were a people who overcame much adversity," added Michael Miller, co-producer of the films and Bibliographer at the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Libraries. "SCHMECKFEST is important to our prairie heritage; it preserves a legacy of a very self-sufficient group. The film is a chronicle of the prairie women who left no records of their lives, but who are remembered every day in the recipes and rituals of the kitchen: the heart of the home."


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