Its All In My Hands (1972)

About the Film

Fimmaker Tony De Nonno first film, done as a student project in New York City, about young shoemaker, John Prince (Principle). The film is without sync sound and the camera is hand held, but this simple film shows the dignity and skill of working with one's hands.

"There was one unforgettable moment, while I was making the film, which symbolized my commitment and passion-- a moment I will never forget… An Orthopedic Surgeon came into John shop. Unfortunately my assignment was to tell a story without sync sound therefore there was no Nagra (tape recorder) on hand. John who was around 22 at most and the surgeon two decades his senior. He enters John’s shop a little annoyed at him for not following his instructions to construct -- the almost knee high shoe mounted brace that is captured in a scene in “ It’s All in My Hands.” John listened patiently and then began showing the surgeon in a kind and respectful way, that if he followed his design instructions the child would have difficulty walking properly with his feet evenly and flatly stepping on the floor. He illustrated very clearly that the location of where the top of the brace and supporting armature had to be placed so that both of the child’s feet would be even and that it would enable him to walk evenly and effortlessly. Wow! The surgeon, thanked John and that was at the heart and essence of the story I wanted to tell about John Prince and especially my philosophy as a documentary filmmaker." --Tony DeNonno

Its All In My Hands (and other films on Italian American Life) is available on DVD from DeNonno Productions.


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