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Simple Gifts (1972)

About the Film

Produced by Ohio Bell Telephone and narrated by Ralph Rinzler from the Smithsonian Institution's Folklife Center, this film highlight aspects of Folklife in the State of Ohio. It includes a rug weaver, a glass maker, a dulcimer maker, a gun smith, a Ukrainian egg decorator, a stain glass window maker, and Blues by Robert Junior Lockwood. The film includes a performance of "My Old Man" by the family of the dulcimer maker General Custer Nicholas (1895-1979). The film includes scenes from an Amish community, plowing with a team of horses, shooting flint lock rifles, and other scenes that evoke the rural culture of early 1970. The 4K scan was made from a 16m release print found in the Ohio folklife office.


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Film Details

  • Produced by: The Film Group for Ohio Bell Telephone
  • Cinematographer: Peter Vollstadt
  • Editor: Lowell Wentworth
  • Other Credits: Commentary by Ralph Rinzler, Title song by Carol Langstaff
  • Original Format: Film: 16mm
  • © 1972
  • 27mins, Color
  • Categories:
    Arts & Crafts, TraditionalHealing & Medicine