VAFP is undergoing maintenance. Video Aids to Film Preservation (VAFP)

Video Aids to Film Preservation is a video guide to learning motion picture film preservation and restoration.

What is the toughest thing about making a film? Putting in the little holes. The sprocket holes are the hardest thing to make. Everything else is easy, but all night you have to sit with that little puncher and make the holes on the side of the film. You could faint from that work. The rest is easy: the script is easy, the acting is easy, the directing is a breeze...but the sprockets will tear your heart out.

--- Mel Brooks, comedian, writer, film director.

Video Aids to Film Preservation supplements existing guides to film preservation (Guide to Film Preservation) with video demonstrating basic handling and restoration procedures for motion picture film. A library of film clips offers instruction in basic film handling and preservation techniques. Clips are organized by title and by chapter headings in the Guide to Film Preservation published by the National Foundation for Film Preservation.

Audio Tape


Decay and Damage

Disaster Planning and Recovery




Printing and Timing


Sound Tracks



Video Tape

Contribute to the project. If you or your business work with film on regular basis and want to contribute video clips or instructional content to our site, contact us.

In addition to the short video clips, we are presenting several industrial films made about film restoration. These films were made by professional film laboratories and demonstrate procedures that are beyond the abilities of most archivists, collectors, and amateurs. However, we feel you will find them enjoyable and useful. They present useful information about basic film handling and preservation techniques, and give you an overall understanding of the film restoration process.